Little & Sorted make ‘little just in case kits’ because no matter how prepared we like to think we are, life always throws us a few curly ones.

“Everyday Predicaments” we like to call them.

Founded by Annalise who always tried to be ready for these wee predicaments, filling her bag with everything. Deodorant, hand sanitiser, bandaids, hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste, emery boards, safety pins, mirror. Everything. This meant a very BIG and HEAVY bag. And a very dead shoulder.

Then she became a mum. The kids needed their faces wiped, hands washed, bums changed and sunblock applied. Going to to the park and they would fall over, get a bee sting, and a splinter on the playground all in one outing. Trying to be a supermum, She threw more and more items into my bag, so she was always ready for those ‘just in case moments’.

After struggling around with an even heavier bag, 3 kids in tow, thinking “there must be an easier way”. Little & Sorted was born and the MIRACLE MINDER kit was created.

You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy Little & Sorted products. Annalise’s problem started well before she was a mum. There are so many occasions where you need this or that. Did you know you were going to lose your earring back while out shopping? Or that you would step into a puddle when you hopped out of your car? You have food in your teeth before a job interview, there is no soap in the public toilets (typical), or you get a paper cut at work.  It’s these kind of moments when you need your Little & Sorted PERSONAL ASSISTANT or WINGMAN kit.  And we have a kit for the active lifestyle as well, the PERSONAL TRAINER.

With our little just in case kits we hope to help sort your everyday predicaments too. But with far less clutter, hassle and weight than carrying bottles and larges packets! We’re constantly working on new kits, so if you have any ideas then we’d love to hear from you.